The Internet is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, however, if ideas are not clear and we don't know exactly what, where and how to look, the most likely is that we spend hours wandering from image to image, from content to content without getting anywhere!

Today I give you the best 4 places to find inspiration for your wedding, as well as some tips to a better search and to find what you are looking for.
Let's do this?



It's undoubtedly a complete search engine full of images that delight. You can find from ambiances to ideas for your dress, inspiration for flowers, hair, make-up among other details.

The search should be as specific as possible.
That is, instead of looking for, for example, "wedding inspiration" or "bride hairstyle" you should be more accurate and use "wedding beach inspiration" or "bride boho hairstyle".
The more specific the search, the more precise the content presented!

. It has an inexhaustible amount of information;
. It allows you to create boards by theme which makes the information you find easy to organize and filter;
. It allows you to share the boards you create with the groom or bridesmaids, for example.

. It has too much information and requires a good synthesis and organization capacity.

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It is the most used social network of all times with its strong visual component beating many other social networks.
But it may as well serve as a search engine for your inspirational images!

Being a social network what makes Instagram act as a search engine are the hashtags!
As in Pinterest, the more precise the hashtags the better and the more accurate content will be.
Instead of searching for #weddinginspiration it becomes more accurate if you search for #beachweddinginspiration, for example.
Here you can also search for some vendors like, for example, #weddingphotographer, or #weddingdress.

. It also has a huge amount and variety of contents;
. It allows you to archive the images you choose in collections which also makes the organization easy;
. Through an image, you can reach the suppliers of various details which can help you in the search and selection of vendors.

. The search can be done in a computer, although the image archive can only be made through the phone because it is a platform optimized for mobile phones.

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For those who are not familiar it is a platform that makes a collection of several articles from different blogs with a search field that can be our best friend!
There are countless blogs on this platform with a great content variety! Here you will find articles and blog posts, not just images!

Use the search field and be as specific as possible.

. It also has a huge amount and variety of contents;
. It allows you to archive the articles you choose on collections which also makes the organization easy;
. In addition to the images, the corresponding posts bring up lots of tips, suggestions, advice and DIY articles.

. It’s a platform of contents and not only of images, so when you click on an image you are redirected to the corresponding blog post;
. The length of some posts makes the content more time-consuming and hard to achieve.



There are many, more international than national (portuguese), so for quantity and originality of content is worth internationalizing the search!

My suggestions are three websites/blogs that are part of my daily inspiration routine:
Green Wedding Shoes
Rock My Wedding - We have already been selected vendors of this amazing website and, because of that too, we cannot recommend it enough!
Junebug Weddings

. Not only you will find single images but more complete weddings articles which make it easier to understand the context and the way of integrating various elements in your wedding;
. These are websites/blogs that have highly selected content and so you are guaranteed to find quality inspiration.

. You are not allowed to save the content in an organized way within the websites/blogs, but you can use an application like Pocket to store the articles that interest you the most;
. The extension of some posts makes the content more time-consuming and hard to perceive.

Finding inspiration doesn't mean you have to be connected to the internet.
You can replace digital images with magazine clippings, little everyday objects or even take some inspiration from the places you usually go to!
What is important is that you spend some time on this task because it will save you time in the future and, above all, because it will help you communicate in a more clear way what you want for your day!

And don't forget to have fun in the process!
Good inspirations!