CONTENT CALENDAR - 30 days of ideas for you to post in your social media

Don't you know what to post on instagram?

You have a beautiful picture but you don't know what to write?

We've all been there, including me!

So I decided to give you some help and create a Content Calendar for social metworks with 30-day content!

Let's do it?

For those who have an online business, social networks are an important topic of any marketing strategy but building an online presence requires planning, consistency and... some work!

Social media allow us to create an audience with whom we connect to share content and experiences and no one looks at instagram just like a showcase of products shouting "buy me" "buy me" "buy me" anymore! No one wants to be on instagram or facebook to be constantly instigated with a "look at this post I wrote", "look at this product I have to sell", "look at this work I did".

In an increasingly virtual world, creating a closer relationship with our followers makes us more real and trustworthy!

My instagram, for example, has been a great bridge with people from all around the world, some of them who hire my services, it's a fact, but many of them that break the virtual barrier and the purely professional relationship and are today real friends.

So maybe it's worth taking a few steps back and realizing that our instagram is ourselves, our ideas, our voice! More than a lifeless showcase, where we show what we have to sell.

After downloading your Content Calendar the ideal will be for you to take some time to realize what kind of content you will be sharing each day and to prepare it.

I recommend you to start by doing a full week of content and then another one and then another in what is called "batch content".

And what is this?

Simple! It is to do a series of content concentrated at the same time, that is if you decide to take pictures you create a set of pictures in a row, if you decide to write captions you should make a set of captions for several pictures. Deep down is condensing content creation and doing it all together! This has worked for me, but try it and tell me if it works for you!

It isn't mandatory that you start it at the beginning of the month, you can start it any time, but always respect the suggested content for the weekend days whenever possible!

The goal is for your followers to know you better, to know better what you do and feel connected with you or not! I want you to be loved or hated for what you are, but that you never be on that halfway of someone who follows you just for following.

Imagine your instagram as a coffee shop where you meet with several people and where you can hang out, share ideas and experiences, because deep down, if it wasn't all this growing virtuality that we insist to give to the world, instagram could easily be the coffee shop in the corner of your street where you often go to meet your friends and where you spend endless hours talking about everything and nothing!

Your Content Calendar is here waiting for you!

And I'm also here waiting for your feedback!

Don't forget to have fun along the whole process! The goal isn't to end the month with more or less followers, but to ensure that your audience knows you better, knows who you are and can identify small details that characterize you and make you unique.

Believe me that it makes all the difference!

All the luck!

Welcome 2018 (or maybe not!)

So, your life is a chaos? Smile, wave.. and move on!


2018, the year that didn't start the best way...
… at least for me!

We always have the vision of a beginning of the new year marked by great resolutions, by the fulfillment of all the desires that justify having swallowed, in a single time, a handful of raisins that tasted more like a punishment.
There are those who have a new home, a new car, there are those who decide to wake up sooner, or later and even those who decide to begin the diet already aligned in the resolutions of the previous year, interrupted 38472749 times by the force of a chocolate square.

Here a chaos has settled!
I know that there are much more serious and unavoidable problems: illnesses, irremediable losses, accidents... and that compared to this, I have a crumb of a problem in hands. And so I'm not saying it was the worst start of the year, but it's fair to say it was not the best.

As you know we left the space where we were in Carnaxide.
And this is a good thing. We always change for the better, right? But having to leave the space until the 31st of December and with the new LX Factory spaces under construction, we were in a kind of halfway to the place where we should be.
Until the 11th of January, the day we received the keys to the new space, my life was a borrowed room, two doors away, full of piles of furniture and boxes waiting, like me, for a better end. Boxes and more boxes and more boxes.

Sessions, editions, submissions were suspended. And for so I apologize and thank you for all the care and understanding. After all, I work with and for the best and this confirmation only made me seen, closer, the blue sky beyond the clouds.

Then I wanted to share all this with you and didn't have a website!
Having decided to free all the first week to complete the moving part and to think that from there, in a blink of an eye, I would define the new site, was a completely wrong shot.
I was postponing the site at the pace of the moving delays, at the rhythm that some papers needed to be signed and several contracts were made.

No space. No website. And, much worse, without taking advantage of what is supposed to be the quietest time of the year to rest. And 2018 didn't wait! It would be so easier to delay the new year a month so that everything could be in the right place at the right time but…

It was a difficult and chaotic beginning of the year, still with loose ends and edges to polish, but I will get there without hurrying the hurry that time already has.

Always eager to do more and more and even better and always leaving the door and arms wide open to welcome you!

And where did we move to? To LX Factory!
But space itself is so incredible that it deserves a whole other post, right?
Stay tuned!