After explaining What is a mood board?  and Where to find inspiration for your wedding?, it's time to do the hard lifting and scratch this task from the list!

But fear nothing because I will be with you step by step so that this task will be successfully executed and completed.

I also included a download with all the steps and with a mood board template that you can easily print and use!

Let’s do this?


After much research and lots of inspiration, it is time to gather all the information in a single document that you can send to all suppliers and that will serve as a guide to create your perfect wedding!
What do you have to do?

1. Gather all your inspiration images by categories such as, for example: ambiance, stationary, decorations details, dress, objects, patterns/textures, typography, etc.
You may have more categories, but the goal is for the images to be more or less grouped by categories.

2. Choose for each one of the categories the 3 most representative images of what you imagine for your day.

3. From the set of final images (imagine that you have 5 categories and you choose 3 images from each, you should have a final set of 15 images) choose the 9 that could be images taken from your own wedding!

These are the 9 images that will go directly to the mood board!
And the rest?
The colors? The typography?

To finalize your mood board download this How to Create a Mood Board? guide and follow it step by step!

Drop me your doubts on the email and you can also share your final mood board!

I look forward to seeing your results!

And don't forget to have fun in the process!
Happy "mood boarding"!