I love mood boards! It's one of the funniest parts of the entire creative process, it's a source of inspiration and new ideas.

Today I decided to talk more about this mood board concept with which, curiously, some people are not familiar.


I've heard calling it so many things: mood board, inspiration board, vision board...
By definition, a mood board is a set of images, materials, pieces of fabric, etc. used to define or design a particular style or concept.

In the end, a mood board is no more than a combination of inspirational images that, together, define a very precise vision of the aesthetics we want to give to our project. They serve not only for our own use but also to ensure that everyone working on the same project is aligned and on the same page!

Mood boards can be created digitally with images that represent your intention, but also with physical objects such as pieces of material, an object you like, a magazine clipping with a font or an image that catches your eye! Digitally or physically, the important thing is to be able to put together what best represents what you have in mind. And it's not always easy to show an accurate view of what we want, but believe me that a mood board can do this job with distinction!

Mood boards can be used when rebranding your brand, re-decorating your living room or in architectural projects!
As an example, Terra's rebranding was done based on this mood board:


But you can also use them to create a general view of your wedding day!

Why should you create a mood board for your wedding?

And if I tell you that this is the best way to define the aesthetics, the style, the colors you want to give to your wedding... and that this mood board can help you with simple decisions as the color of napkins, the organization of tables or the font of your invitations?

In the beginning, if you define exactly the environment, the colors and other aspects by using some inspirational images, it will be much easier for all the suppliers to enter into the mood of your wedding and have a clearer vision of what you want for your day!

And what happens when we are all aligned and on the same page? We will all be committed in doing our best, having your mood board as a guiding line and your dream wedding becomes true!

Your mood board may include inspiration images like spaces, wedding dresses, flowers among many other aspects that will be part of your day.

A mood board forces us to select the images that best represent our style or vision, so make sure you include aspects like:
. environments and decoration (spaces, elements, objects)
. stationary
. bride details (hair, wedding dress, bouquet)
. groom details (suit, boutonniere, shoes)
. colors and textures


This is one of my favorite parts of any creative project, so if you need any help with your wedding mood board, here I am!

And don't forget to have fun in the process!
Happy "mood boarding"!