In a spectacular setting and an unique light, we mix an incredible session but also the answer to some (many) doubts that lead you to leave aside the possibility of wearing your wedding dress again.
The wedding dresses are delicate and unique pieces, they store stories and emotions and deserve much more than the darkness of forgetfulness and the small corner of a closet!

The Trash the Dress session
We often fall into the wrong direction that words indicate us. The truth is that these sessions are not based on spoiling, tearing, dirtying or rendering useless your dress! So maybe the name "Bye bye dress" fits better in our concept of Trash the Dress, in the sense that we say goodbye to your dress that you may not use again, paying it a beautiful tribute with a set of images that stand forever.
After the session, the dress will return intact to the confines of the closet or chest where it have been assigned to stay.
Will the dress get dirty during this session? Yes, it depends on the place and on what you dare to do! But nothing that a brief passage through the laundry doesn't solve.

And you are free to plan what you want or don't want to do during your session. It is not our goal to force you to walk in the mud, to go into the sea, to throw yourself into a pond. We want you to live these moments just the two of you, in an intimate and relaxed way and we want you to have breathtaking images as bride and groom.
... and that in the end it becomes so but so difficult to choose only one image!

The purpose of a Trash the Dress session
The reasons that lead to do this session are so many that the fingers of a pair of hands would not be enough to enumerate.
No two people are alike, certain and known! Just as every marriage is a marriage, every story a story. And the reasons of each one are their own.
There are no better or worse reasons, there are only reasons, wishes, ideas and some magic in making it happen.

Sometimes the purpose of the session is to dress the wedding dress and the suit again, exactly as they were dressed in your big day. To revive the emotions, to feel in the skin again the touch of the role you played by only one day.
And how many times does the wedding day go by so quickly that you don't even have enough time to feel that way?

Other times we add to the original clothing one or another accessory or we change some things to make it more comfortable and relaxed. We can replace the shoes for tennis, the tie tied in a looser knot, and so on.

In this case Sara and Hugo thought they didn't have special photos, just the two of them, that documented the moment, the feeling and that made them feel special, matching their story... or they even have but wanted to make everything even more special.
Then came the idea of oing this session. They didn't want to do anything to ruin what they wore, but in the end they ended the session with an unexpected entry into the sea water!
Of course the advice at the end of the session was for the dress to go, as quickly as possible, to the laundry, but we are sure that today it is clean, intact and perfect. Full of memories and stories to tell.
And that our images are not confined to a closet or chest and remember, every day, how special the story is and this moment was too!

When to do the Trash the Dress session
We could say that if you haven't done it already... DO IT NOW!
But no. Every thing has its time and this session can happen any time you feel that is the right moment.
It may be just after the wedding, a month or two later... or as in the case of Sara and Hugo, who let their love bear fruit and then dared to feel again all the emotion of the day they decided to become one family!
Remember them in this belly version and then the delicious fruit that we had the opportunity to photograph?
Well, it was after these two incredible moments of magic, life and light that they thought it was the right time to rescue from the closet and arms of oblivion a special moment as it was the day of their wedding!

So today, tomorrow or in a month, the session can be done at any time!
But if you want our opinion... why postpone?

Where to do the Trash the Dress session
Wherever you want, of course!
You already know that we are dazzled by places, by stories, by people.
And, often, there are places that are so tied to the stories that it would be impossible to choose another one for your session.
There is also the incredible place that you know and that you decide to show us so we can discover it together... and then the places we discovered by chance and that we thought were exactly what we were looking for without being properly looking!
Let your imagination flow and propose, be bold, dare... and let's discover, together, the only place where this chapter of your story that we want so much to tell belongs.

If after this you still have some doubts if this is the right moment to wear your dress again, talk with us, we are sure that you will not regret it!
We want so much to live these moments with you, to provide you moments alone, full of love and magic and to give you memories that are worth more than anything else.
We know that a dress and a suit reflect a great investment, but they gain more value in a photograph than in a closet!

Answer me in all sincerity: where is your wedding dress now?
Where did you place it so it would not see the day light again?
If your dress is your face, if you miss your wedding day, if you want to embark on a swirl of feelings and emotions almost as if it were your wedding day again, then it is time for this dress to see the light of day again, right?

We left you the images of Sara and Hugo, the day that Sarah's dress was fortunate to emerge from the dimness of the closet, was ripped out of the dull, diffuse images they kept from it and dazzled in an incredible place.


1st March of 2017