All christenings bring new challenges.
When we photograph children everything is covered with discovery and unpredictability, but also with magic.

We met this family of four on the day of Francisca's christening, and even though we only knew, at that time, this chapter, this was a story whose book we didn't want to stop reading.
We know the effort and the dedication so that everything went well, although everything was planned from the other side of the world.
And everything went well!
But other chapters were about to come... chapters that we will show another time! Today is christening day here on the blog!

We found the Sé with open arms to the tourist crowds, but we managed to find our place to capture the moment, with our body and soul, without haste, without giving importance to so many curious eyes that tried to see beyond.
And what better place to choose than this symbol, this strong reference of our beautiful city?
August had just begun and everything made believe this to be a difficult place because of the influx of tourists in the city at this particular time of the year, but the truth was that everything was leading up for an unique moment and the hustle and bustle, the buzz, and the coming-and-going ended up giving more energy and agitation to our story, so the little bit of unpredictability this time was not provided by the pranks of the baptized one.

Francisca behaved so well, indifferent to the typical agitation of the day. She moved from lap to lap, receiving love and affection, comforting herself in her mother's or father's lap and she was always serene.
And then the Páteo Alfacinha, where we followed soon after and that gave us the idea of being outside the city center. The inner courtyard, which steals us from the scale and rush of the big city, turned out to be the ideal place to welcome this celebration and to embrace this story.
Can you resist to the details of this space?

It was a special hot summer day.
It was the day we met a family and a story to which we were surrendered.
It was a day that we already miss and decided to remember today, like this:

8th of March of 2017