It became more and more punctual the times we photograph our "babies" in the studio.
If the end result is incredible the way to get there is, often, time consuming and stressful. Not only for us who always want to give our best, but also for the newly parents who see their greatest love exposed to people they do not know and in an environment that is strange to them.
Not always do babies wake up willing to collaborate, not always do they sleep at all times, not always the final result of these sessions show their more real and raw side.
A baby to who the environment is strange, who only wants the mother's lap, who has cramps or who is just not so happy on the day of the session, will cry! And if a baby's crying has its charm and appeal, it's also a desperation factor for parents that may cause them some anxiety.

The smells, the sounds, the environment, the light, the touch... everything matters when the reason of our attention is a human being that has just arrived to the world, small and defenseless.
Then, slowly, the studio sessions are also giving place to sessions in the place that the babies called home from the very first days of life.
And if in one hand we want you to have the best, incredible images, often compromising our own well-being, compromising the comfort and well-being of your baby is not something that we are strong fans of!
So if everything goes well in the studio, everything goes great, if the studio is not where your baby feels comfortable or even if you, parents, feel more out of your confort zone, that's fine!

We always like to talk, clarify, know the expectations and work hard to meet or exceed them. And although you may feel that your house is not the ideal place to photograph, trust us, there is always a room, a window, a place that you left unnoticed and from where we can't take our eyes of. Trust us!

Matilde's session, at the studio, was characterized by moments of restlessness and crying that cradled us for a good part of the time, but which eventually gave way to a more or less deep sleep that allowed us to go a little further.
Small, sweet and yet so sensitive to the touch and noises, today we fear not to recognize on the grown-up girl this baby from olden days.
Shortly after photographing the belly that was her first home, we met her in flesh and blood... and tenderness, lots of tenderness!

It was so:

27th February of 2017