Rommel lives in America, but it was here that he met Filipa.
And so life ordained that an entire ocean wasn't enough to mess with destiny and to keep apart what only makes sense together.

It was at Cais das Colunas that they gave their first kiss of many others to come and to be exchanged on one side and the other of the ocean, in a well-synchronized ping-pong game that brings them together until today.
It was at Praça do Comércio that Rommel surprised Filipa arriving ahead of schedule.
And was the Cais das Colunas the place chosen for the proposal.

Many people were enjoying the end of day and the sunset when, with the courage with which he faces his missions in so many places in this world, Rommel dropped his knee to the ground and with the heart in the hands made the proposal.
At that moment everything became stopped in time! The river, the sounds, the colors of the city... the whole world was waiting for the answer. Yes, she said yes!

Once again we counted on with the organization of the Flytographer team for this so special moment.
And once again we can only be thankful for being in these moments, although at the time it was hard to see who is more nervous: them or us!

It was so:

25th August of 2015