We waited so long for this day.

Life, cramps, mismatches, made this meeting being scheduled and rescheduled to exhaustion, but we knew it would be when it had to be in the place which was destined.
Even at a distance of an adventure that took them some many kilometers away from us, this day was intended to be, and there was nothing to doubt about.

A family of 5! Yes, 5!
A handful of adventures, smiles, stories to share and we, how we like this dynamic of big families, of not having enough laps or hands remaining.
We made from the dunes the Domingo's beach that, at all cost, fled out of the reach of our lens, only approaching the machines to be him shooting.

We played, smiled, messed up and made nonsenses, we gave our laps to these ours that do not belong to us.
After all what is life besides this?
Besides this come-and-go of unexpected or at right hours encounters, this sharing, these stories told while experienced?

Happy moments, from one end to the other. More sand in the shoes than at the dunes.

Thank you parents for your persistence, for not giving up, for your amazing and such a large family, who knows if one day even larger?
It was an adventure written with a preface of sand, sun and the smell of the sea, like so:

31st August of 2015