If there's one thing we like to shoot and that crosses all sessions is this mind-blowing feeling, the magic, the butterflies in the stomach, this "everything" that doesn't fit on one only word.

To speak of love is to reduce this overwhelmingly large "everything" to a tiny word, two syllables that seem insignificant, disproportionately small, incomparably poor.

We know that when this "everything" is there, nothing more is needed.
No props or costumes can recreate this "everything" at all or even get closer to it.

And this "everything" is so much and so great that does not only live in those who are photographed: we ourselves get into this fog of mystery and enchantment and become eternally in love with stories, moments, secrets told behind our backs.
We can ask for an hand in hand, we can ask for kisses, hugs and caresses of all kinds, but we can not pretend love, affection, ties. It is or it isn't and when it is, by itself, is so special, so ravishingly addictive that it takes away the ground.

It was special, magical, unique.
We were once again blessed to have witnessed and recorded for ever, this wonderful story not of love, but of "everything".
Here they are, our bride and groom... the best, of course!

20th August of 2015