This week we are away, in the middle of the ocean!
It has been a privilege to shoot in a place so full of blue and sea, but we promise a post about it, as soon as time allow us.

Today we show you a little more of our session in Sintra, with C. and J.!
We choose to show this session this week, as a way of sending good energy since the day they both chose, to celebrate the love that unites them, is coming closer!
We are going to be with both again, documenting moments in their story, moments that an entire ocean will not prevent us from tell.

We started this session in the early morning, in Sintra! We arrived yet with some haze, but quickly the sun arrived to warm us and fill the atmosphere with light and color.
Between the gardens, the ruins of the chapel and the palace, our session was unhurried, with a very good mood and a lot of chatting!
And it was like this...

29th August of 2013