Once upon time a family of three nearly almost four!

The truth is that these gray days bring us the will to remember the sessions we did when the temperature was still high and the sun tore the sky! And this is how our session was: a hot day and blue sky, just like we had already said!

At this time, little I. still lived in the warmth of a big belly! On this side, the parents were expecting her anxiously, as well as her brother who was preparing himself diligently to be the older brother. The truth is that on this day we were less than a month away to know her and we barely knew that her arrival was so close! During the session we played over and over and the time flew. They say time flies when you're entertained doing what you love most, and it's really true, we can say it with conviction!

During the hot months we met a lot of bellies and, with a bit of pity because these full of life bellies are always wonderful to photograph, they all have become babies that are scattered around but that were registered by us long before knowing this side of life! We have not had the chance to meet them all, but gradually we are reviewing these families in new sessions, by chance or when a coffee becomes the best way to reconnect with friends and chat!

We loved this session, but we are so so suspects! But please do take a look at some pictures and give us feedback!

... and they lived happily ever after!

5th November of 2013