And here is August!

The time ran by, but they say that when it passes by so fast is a sign that we were so busy, with good things, that we didn't realize the time passing by. And it couldn't be more true, so many new families, bellies, newlyweds ... here the time really ran by fast, because we were busy with truly good things!

Remember this session?
Today we show you how was our session in Elvas.

We were blessed with good weather, a pleasant temperature and a sunset that painted the landscape of yellow, gold ...! What isn't truly a new, it looks like we have an Alentejo call, since we have been there a lot, working and these colors are repeated, always. In Alentejo the day passes without haste and it seems that everything is getting prepared for these magical end of the days, that surround us and make us always think twice before going back home!

In the piece of heaven surrounded by the sea, where H. and M. live, the landscape is different, the colors too, but the sunset reaches us also full of color, magic, combining beauty and simplicity, to much beauty for the eyes more used to computers and technology. And watch the sunset with some many other islands as background, is not something we can brag all day ... they can!
And soon, perhaps we too!

Here are the photos of this day full of sun, heat, light, beautiful landscape ... Alentejo, indeed!
And be welcome in August ... with everything you have planned for us!

6th August of 2013