Do you remember the wedding we photographed at Zambujeira do Mar?

Well, today we bring you more details of the day when I. and E. decided to celebrate their love and write on their story the beginning of a new journey together!
Since the first contact with I. we knew this was "the" wedding! All the signs that they have given us the story, the details ... were from an undeniable picpuffin wedding !
Starting with the theme: the origami! That filled the room and decorated the tables, full of symbolism and color. Then the color they chose for the day: yellow! Is there anymore picpuffin color than the yellow?

We witnessed unique moments that tomorrow will be the memories of the beginning of the journey of these two, as a couple!
And it is so so very good to remember ... please do remember with us and delight yourself with the pictures!

Once again we would like to thank to "our" bride and groom and please be happy, always, like the first day!

22nd July of 2013