The places where we photograph are, so often, places we have never stepped on before and this surprise of the unknown feels good, it forces us to explore and to be creative without any reference.

In this place we have combined ruins, the sea, the incredible view to Berlengas, the end-of-day light that graces the stories and makes everything even more magical and special.
All lined up for an incredible session!
And even the wind, misaligning the hair, filled the session with motion in her flying free gown, forcing longest and tightest hugs to blow away the cold.
After this session we looked forward for the big day.
We always want more because a good story never ends in only one chapter!

Today there is a baby distracting the attention from everything else.
What do ruins matter, the sea and the wind, the incredible places or even all the places in the world when there is a beautiful love story to tell?
And it's so special to follow these families from the first moment!

Remember with us this special afternoon and a story that has caught us since the first minute, but attention! The floor is uneven, do not stumble on the emotions!

Let's go:

3rd February of 2017