Word of mouth continues to be one of the best and most effective ways to promote and market any job.
It is always easier to trust the friendly word of friends or of people who have experienced the unknown that we are about to experience.

That's how this story came to us!
I remember the rainy day when it entered our atelier, heated by the force of many watts, to never leave again, and turned that gray and cold day into a guaranteed promise of a better day. And it was.

We wanted to meet them first like this, in a more casual and relaxed register and in a more intimate situation where we get to better know each other and where the almost physical barriers of the initial shame and discomfort of the first encounter were broken, so that nothing would ever make us strangers in the day that they chose to be their own.

And it was special to see Lisbon that we already knew by your hands in hands, to discover corners and nooks of the story that you write together.
A story to inspire us and the beautiful evening light filling us with faith in a new day and warming us without spending a watt.

If we could skip this first session and walk in a straight line, without alleys or clumsy sidewalks mismatching our steps, to the big day?
Yes, we could.
But we would have missed this incredible afternoon, these last moments just the two of you of which there is registration before the wedding day and these images that we never get tired of watching.

What images? These:

19th January of 2017