What to do with your wedding dress after the big day?

Clean it and pack it together with the memories, accumulating the dust of time and voted to oblivion so that it never fits again?
Or wear it again? Feel again the emotions you felt when you dressed it for the first time, knowing that that dress was the one you were going to dress once again, remember the sounds and smells of an intense and moving day, and shake the dust with good memories?

Yes! Yes, please!
Open the cabinet doors wide open and rescue your dress from the arms of oblivion.
Let's look for an incredible place where you can go back to be just the two of you, your story, what unites you, the memories of the special day, the feelings and the longing that happy moments leave clinging to the skin.

We want to remember the dresses we already know so well and that we missed, but we are looking forward to meet new dresses, other stories that we will be just starting to tell.

And if you take us to forgotten places, lost in a map without directions, in ruins ...? We will go!
Because the day you get your dress off the rack that doesn't deserve it or from the bottom of the chest can be incredibly incredible!

Like this day that only the best in the world could gave us: a dress that we missed, a place that had been lifeless, a light from another world and all the conditions for unrepeatable moments were in place!

What do you say, let's go explore breathtaking places?
And do you bring your dress?

7th February of 2017