Leiria came to us, we went to Leiria.
We had just photographed this wonderful belly and already its contents came to know the world, indifferent to our traveled kilometers, without giving up the comfort and his own will for the benefit of his parents will... and ours!

We know how tiny the window of time we have to shoot a newborn is (between 5 and 7 days of life) and what a difference a day can make, in size, lighter sleep, a stronger will, but we also know that every baby is a new world to discover.
Salvador was an effort and strength test where only the tiredness could won him.
The revolutionary belly and the connection to the lap and the pampering dictated the lines on which we wrote the story of this session.

Although the task was hampered by the strong and expressive personality of this baby, we hope that this parents, properly doting parents, can remember those first moments of light and life of Salvador in the best possible way.

Moments of crying, but also of a lot of pampering and tenderness.
Moments that will never repeat again and that will never be forgotten, these:

16th August of 2015