Each session brings different emotions.
A little nervousness is always present hand in hand with the butterflies in the stomach, it may be the burden of responsibility to keep your best moments, maybe that's what makes it all makes sense.
On the day that it isn't so and that calm takes hold of us, then it is because the way is no longer this one and it might be better to re-orient the compass and give new coordinates to GPS.
But I fear that that day will never come... I fear that everything else, which is everything, is so tremendously bigger, stronger, overwhelming, able to send the nerves away.

Then there is this revival of old emotions when families, that are already ours, come to us again and again, repeatedly.
Madalena was only 10 days old when we met for the first time.
She was tiny, helpless, so light on the lap. After that we had seen her once or twice, but time does not stop and in a flash, although it seems like yesterday, Madalena has grown a lot, too much for how tiny we would like to remember her.
For that we have the photos from the first time, so we can be absolutely sure that it wasn't a dream and that one day, these plump feet didn't know the ground texture, these curious eyes did not know practically nothing and how wonder we were, again and again, by the smiles, the small mouth, the tenderness that invades us when a newborn is the focus of our attention.

This was, undoubtedly, the most funny session of the last times, which also featured the indispensable presence of the four-legged family, playful and zealous that no bread for the ducks would be left floating in the pond.
Yes, yes, that's right. A kind of canine swimming lesson mixed with the opening of the bread hunting season, Suri and Naná have shown up as expert swimmers and hunters, soaked to the bones, but happy as ever before.
Happy as they only can be, happy as us, that had the chance to keep these moments forever.

Thank you family, it was special, it was so:

14th August of 2015