Vicente celebrated one year old.
And time took its own course: it went by, fast!

Countless stories followed, we delighted ourselves with smiles that do not fit on the face, witnessed again and again the miracle of life and the power of love. We live, after all, unique, special, magical moments. So many!
Time, fast, was short so that we could show more here but, behind the scenes, the work doesn't stop.
To the hours we spent out shooting many other long hours dedicated to each of the memories that we carry with us are added. These are full of tenderness, unrepeatable moments. Your history and ours, mixed in each image. And the memories require the best of us, not just a little piece of our care and attention, but us at all, whole and complete in every picture that is yours.

There is a photograph machine that captures, that mechanically records, but behind it there is an human eye. There are us at 120%, soul, heart, whole and complete in every step of the way.
And as humans we cannot escape from the most basic needs like sleeping or eating. There is a place to manage, we live, breathe, we go shopping, we clean the house we visit family, as all of you and as human we are. And we also get sick, we also have problems to solve, occasional mishaps that force us to simply be, unable to stick strictly to the plan.

So, perhaps it may take a little longer to deliver in your hands what is yours and that is so precious. But believe us that the meaning of “work in a hurry” does not live here, and that our will to not make you wait even a second more is completely proportional to your curiosity and anxiety.
Believe us that we are giving the best of our best and even more.
But believe us even more, that it is because we are humans with all the cons that it entails, that we sensitize with your stories, that we shudder or open smiles with the images that occupy our eyes, our computer and our heart, every day. It is because we are humans, that to the human you are, we ask a little more understanding and bit of patience.
And it doesn't worth ask, astonished, what are we doing while we weigh carrots at the supermarket for not being at home, closed and locked, working in a hurry.
We also eat carrots! Oh yes we do!
Humans, hearts in hands, resisting to the windstorm, living and dreaming about every moment we spent with you.

And then, in the midst of this windstorm (Vendaval), perhaps the wind (Vento) blows at full speed in your favor and that what belongs to you can get, with all the care and affection and with all of us, to your hands.
Then yes, with an open chest and a smile on the face we will open the doors to the V of Victory!

Thank you!

7th September of 2015