The truth is that we changed the year in the expectation of a number one full of news and we got there and everything was the same.
Sometimes everything doesn't change just because of the will to change or because of the bad taste of the twelve raisins badly swallowed by obligation, consigning to oblivion the wishes that remained to be wished.

You need to take a deep breath (deeper) and wait.
Everything we do in reflection of the best of us may come back in a simple return, in double or never come, but the faith in the good things magnet over good things always prevails and, in the choice of being good or bad, let us always be the best.

Our magnet of good things brought us a seven of January tasting like better things: a surprise wedding!
Surprise? Yes. For all.
The guests didn't know they were there to witness a clear "yes, I do". The bride and groom didn't know that we would be there, so that, like the new year's wishes, these moments would not be forever mixed with the diffused and dusty images of things that had been lived too long ago.

And do you know what surprises bring us? A sort of extra seasoning to the feelings, making them accurate almost to the impossibility of resisting to one or another tear insistent on clearing the path down the cheek.

And so life ordained that there would be a real stage and that when the curtains were opened the groom would wait patiently while one and another "oh" besides exclamation took shape in the astonishment of everyone.
We could imagine that this would be like so, but we never dreamed of extrapolating our expectations.

Queluz, Edinburgh, surprises and always the love, on an incomprehensibly special mix for an even better day.

Perhaps leaving wishes to be wished result in concretized moments without we even dreamed about them.
After all it have been worth the raisin sacrifice, or maybe not.
Nonetheless I will reeducate the palate for the next tasting and never again put on the day one the hope of a new life when we have in front of our eyes and in a single image the guarantee that the seven can be an incredibly better turning point.

Like so:

12th January of 2017