Days are added at the mismatch of a too fast clock.
Yesterday was summer, today the cold wakes us up for a January in full, a new year that already seems so long and stories, so many stories.

Memory brings us an afternoon of gale and the imminent danger of a canceled session, but even more clearly the courage to break wind and rain and to keep forever a belly full of life, warm and cozy, where the disarray of our hair agitated by the cold wind did not make itself felt.
Suddenly it was already christmas and the best of all the gifts. A tiny baby in people size, big in the love she planted around her.
But the clock hands threw us, with no pity, for the celebration of the first year of life.

A year went by. A year went by already.
It passed by her, by us. In the skin we felt all the breezes that arrived and departed from so many places and with them they took us the hours, the days, the months... at a pace that is not ours.
We live in our parallel reality of thinking that it was still yesterday that she was born and today it has been already a year, that suddenly it is a rug that escapes under our feet and lets us fall into the abyss of realizing that upon yesterday many days were added.

Mariana celebrated her first year of life. She did. Really!
More than a year passed by between this day:

… and this day:

And I ask myself, incredulous, where did it went?
Where have these 365 days gone and which marathon did they ran in secret so no one saw them depart, pass or cross the finish line of this new year?
And where is January going? Where did this half of January went when I still want it to be whole and complete just like after the bursting of the champagne corks?

Happy birthday dear Mariana!
And thank you parents, for letting us live so intensely the passage of time, for letting us crinkle almost without realizing it, for letting it be so ours you own story!

Oh time, time.

17th of January of 2017