A world of unbelievable places around the world, some are secret, inaccessible, others fallen into oblivion, but all of them begging for a good story.

Places matter.
They are the stage and scenery of all stories, they provide us adventure and discovery, or just quietness and inspiration.

This such a special session, with such a beautiful story, asked for a place matching with it.
An unique view. The best of Lisbon, it is said, reaching the river until losing sight.
The risk of walking on rubble and ruins, in a place full of promised visits left in the wind, full of moments kept only in the memories of other times. Today only this: ruins, oblivion.

So we told the first of all the chapters of this story of two, anticipating the wedding day that exceeded all expectations and long before we met the fruit that only a story full of love and complicity could bring to live.

The smells and noises of the city barely disguised at every shot, the eyes in a vain attempt to forget the dazzle of the outer sight and focus on the essential, what matters the most: these two!

We take risks, for the love, for the passion and always without getting tired so that moments like these remain forever, endure beyond forgetfulness and remembering that there are forgotten places, waiting for new stories, you just have to want it!

And it feels so good to remember!

10th January of 2017