If someone asked you exactly what did you did one or another day, the more likely is that you didn't really remember it at all.
Except for one or two more special days with events that we keep for life, the other days end up succeeding at a breakneck speed and we became unsure about which day we saw the best sunset or which one we laid on the floor giving shape to the clouds.

But since we wear this skin of writing your life in pictures, there are very few days on which we don't have a physical memory to remember what we were doing.
The truth is that, by telling your story, we are engraving, forever, ours.

The memories we bring today are already old but at the vertigo that time passes, many, but really many stories were left unshown without, however, never being left untold.

It was the first day of summer.
We expected a blazing sun, but we know that this day began with rain filling with doubts our plans delineated long time ago.
We didn't care and lived each moment as if it were the last one, with an enthusiasm and energy that even the rain couldn't appease.

It was a day full of emotions.
A beautiful love story that was born from two other so different stories that life wanted together.
A story that has borne fruit successfully proving that, despite the rain or the sun, it all made sense.

We were there.
We lived, breathed, reviewed friends and will remember it today, with a shiver down the spine, Joana and Manuel's day which we also already miss.
Come with us on this time travel:

1st February of 2016