We changed!
Times have changed, so do the will... we changed!

A new project gives continuity to the story we write every day and to the stories we want to continue to tell.
A project that brings us better in the pursuit of being the best and to give you the best.

Picpuffin was born from a dream and some spare time, but it grew. It became a skin that we wore but that, for more that we pulled from one side to another, was always short in the sleeves.
These were five intense, happy, overwhelming years, bring many five more!
But even more intense, happier, mind-blowing, in this new home coated by dreams and smiles, where best moments memories are walls.

Thus Terra is born.
A fertile ground of photographies, stories and memories. A ground that is also our roof and our new home.
A place where we are memories of happy times, where we travel in space and time whenever we please, to reach a forgotten memory,  a sunny afternoon, a fleeting moment.

We changed and more than ever we are here, dedicated, whole and complete by you and for you and never ever your presence, love and feedback was so important.
Because we change with many certainties, but also with all the doubts about what to put in each box, in every place, in every corner of this new home.

Follow us on this change here:
But really do it! Because this is our and your new home and here you will always have your place.

Our contact email also changed:

And because you are, at all, what we have of the most important:
We changed... do change with us!
But really do it!

And may all the steps we take be on solid ground, this Terra (earth) that, with so much love, we dared to dream.

27th January of 2016