Maybe because we live in a winter doubt, between days that look like spring and the rain that insists on appearing and pushes them away, perhaps because the will to forget the feet in the sand and lose sight at the sea is too strong, or perhaps because as time passes by more wistful we become from the happy moments we lived.
The truth is that today we also return to a blue sky and sunny day.
Although the rain has made us hold our breaths for a few hours and rushed some last-picking decisions, the truth is that the sun came out and stood for the party.

Weddings on the beach are always different.
For us there is a constant concern because of the so strong light, but the atmosphere that you experience is so much lighter and relaxed.
Some people take the party shoes off, untie their ties and witness the moment while enjoying the sun and the smell of the sea.
Children play, there are the buzz of passers-by from afar and one or another four-legged that come to greet us.

We love these so hectic and busy days, a good story, come hell or high water it will be, always and forever, a good story.
Please read this story told between the sea and the dunes ... with lots of sand, sun and salt in the mix.
Cláudia and Paulo's day was so (and is already missed!):

2nd February of 2016