Sometimes we cross to the other side, who knows if the right one?

The truth is that there are many places that are proclaimed to be the right place for the best view of Lisbon.
But for us, the best view of Lisbon is on the other side. The only one that allows you to contemplate the city from end to end, perceive the hills and identify the buildings that rise higher, overlapping the disorderly houses that spread until the river.

And it was on the other side, perhaps the right one, on the other bank, that we told the first chapter of this story.
A special place that, apart from the amazing view, was the stage and setting for the wedding proposal that brought us this story.

The place chosen by them, the moment captured by us!
And how special it is to record these moments together, take you off from the plans, the decisions, the whirlwind of emotions of a pre-wedding period and witness the rekindling of the flame, the motive that has led you to so many difficult plans and decisions and that, also, brought you to us!

This is a moment of just the two of you!
And one of the moments we most like to shoot!!!
When you forget us, the machines and the world around and it's just you, your world, hand in hand with your story.

An unforgettable story that you want to keep remember to the point of exhaustion.
Let them lead you to the other side, move beyond the cities and the river, and fall in love, like us, with this story, so:


13th of MArch of 2017