I'm back to the blog and in a family mode!

This is perhaps one of the most common questions coming through email: Make a photo session at home or in a studio?

Photographing families with very young children, babies or even newborns can be a challenge.

There are always some unavoidable situations that are part of the routines of the day to day as the feeding bottle time, the diaper change, the discomfort caused by colics or the arrival of the first teeth. Minimizing the impact a session can have on these routines is one of the main goals, but we will still always be strange people in the space of your home, our smell and voices will always be new for your baby!

Increasingly we believe that photographing at home is the best option when the session includes a tiny, helpless being of whom we will record the earliest memories and who has just come into this world as if it were a brand new world.

And these are the reasons:


1. There are no commutes

By foot or by car, travel can interfere with your baby's sleep routines, especially since many of them end up falling asleep and only wake up for the session.

Not all of us have the best mood when we wake up, whether we are children or adults, so changing sleep time can result in a child or baby less cooperative and even crabby!

2. There is no change in environment/space.

The home is the place where babies stay longer after birth, the space they know better and where they feel most comfortable, protected and at ease, while a studio will always be an unfamiliar and impersonal environment. Especially in colder seasons, photographing at home ensures that the baby will not have to be exposed to thermic changes in the home-studio commute.

3. Logistically it is easier to maintain routines.

Everything that is indispensable for the routines like breastfeeding and baby hygiene is more easily ensured at home, where you will always have everything you need at hand.

4. You can also save memories of your baby's first room

The baby's room is the main place where we usually spend more time photographing during a baby and family session. Although we are focused on you, your story, the love that grows for your baby, some details and objects that you have chosen for your baby end up being captured forever.

5. It is more comfortable.

Not only the baby, but also you, fathers and mothers, will feel more comfortable in the space of your house. Being in the middle of the street, in front of a camera and with indiscrete and curious eyes of those who pass by is also a challenge for you. And to this point there is not much we can add: it is your home!

6. There are no poses

In a home session, on a lifestyle mode, we try to capture you in a natural and relaxed way. The baby is not handled in order to get a certain pose, there are no accessories like baskets where the baby needs to fit, there is no need to change clothes or accessories to put in the baby's head. The goal is to capture you as you are on a normal day and, believe us, when there is love we have everything we need for incredible pictures!


Whether it's summer or winter, do not miss the chance to capture these moments. It passes by too quickly and they will never be so tiny again. This is undoubtedly one of those investments that you will never regret!

Any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to contact: ola@terradashistorias.com

Please take a look at this family session, at home, a session from 2016 and a family with already new chapters to tell: