The investment each couple decides to make in documenting their special day will always be a personal decision. Sometimes it depends on budget, others on the taste of each one!

But unlike many other investments and choices you can make for your day, the photographer's choice should be based on who is behind the camera.

It's a lot the time we spent together during your wedding day, so more than a matter of more or less money, the trust, chemistry, and honesty are essential for it to work!

And we make it a point not to be just a present body, we want to support you, encourage you, help you solving small last-minute problems like forgotten shoes or unkempt hair. How often do we end up managing the time and suppliers present on the day, telling the musicians the right moment to mark your entry, managing the catering so that the meal does not reach the table before you? In addition to this, we still have to manage our own emotions! Yes, there are poorly disguised tears behind the lenses!

In the end, your photographer will be a kind of maid of honor you didn't know you would need!

It's a tough decision, it takes time, but it's also an important one!

So for this to be a wise choice it is important that you know the human behind the camera!

If your wedding day is a day to celebrate love, a party day, a day of strong emotions that will fly by, then choose the photographer who will celebrate with you, who will fill your glass and toast your day, that get carried away by your emotions and make your day last longer than the end of your party. The person who will make this so special day last forever and that will leave you in tears every time you look at your pictures: this is your photographer!

Then know your photographer! Meet your photographer, go out for coffee or a drink. Ask all the questions, clarify all doubts. Respect your photographer as a professional but even more so as your future ally!

Your instinct will be right! You will feel the chemistry and you will know which one is the right choice!

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