Today we are going to talk about these sessions that are so often done only when there is a special reason but that, deep down, need nothing more than the will to happen!

After all, the happy moments of you two together are dateless, aren't they?

So, let's go?



Who should have a couple session?

Although they are almost an established fact for those who will propose or get married, the truth is that they are also perfect for those who are already married, for those celebrating the golden anniversary or the first dating anniversary... or just for those who are completely in love and want to document their story forever, the happy moment they are living and to celebrate love through beautiful pictures that will last forever!


Why should you have a couple session?

Couple sessions are fun and romantic moments focused on who you are when you are together. These sessions allow you to get away from the routine for a few hours and to dedicate time to one another. After this session, you will have unique pictures that will follow you forever throughout your story!

These sessions are included in the wedding options we offer, not only because we think it is the best way to get to know each other, but also because those will probably be the happiest moments of your life, that can't be repeated and that it's important to celebrate and remember!

Although the reasons may be lacking, do a couple session just because!

We promise you will not regret it and you will want to repeat it!


When is the best time to do the session?

Any time of year is a good time to document love, but the best time varies from couple to couple and according to your favorite season!

Please know that time can be conditioning, but that often plays in our favor! When it rains we photograph inside your home and the result is so much more intense and intimate that we are increasingly fans of these sessions! We avoid the beach in the summer because we know it will be fully packed until later in the evening or the more touristy places where it is impossible to avoid the crowds.

The most important thing will always be the time of the day when we photograph taking for granted that, when photographing outside, the first and the last hours of daylight will be the best time for beautiful light and to have a quiet place just for you!


What to do during your session?

Anything you like to do together! If we take photos at home you can cook together or read a book by the fireplace, if we take photos outside you can walk your dog, take a walk in nature, go get coffee at your favorite place, you know!

It is in these little things that we capture you exactly as you are!

Climb a mountain? Yes! Surfing? Yes! Parachute jump? Hum... Yes! Yes! Yes!

Surprise us!


Where to do the session?

We always encourage you to find a place that is special to you, that has something to do with you and your history or that you like a lot. Choosing a place with few people offers more privacy and also makes you more comfortable. Nobody likes to be and feel exposed before a ton of curious eyes!

Places outside are ideal because of natural light, but shooting inside your home is also possible!

Sharing with us the places where you would like to make your session gives us clues about what you are looking for and can help us to help you determine the best place and the best time to do it.

Most importantly, with or without a very strong reason or without knowing the right time and place, don't miss out the chance to do your session!

Time does not go back and your story deserves to be told!

We do not always photograph people who are complete strangers to us and photographing friends gives us the comfort of knowing exactly who they are but it often also stole us the reason that is clouded by the emotion of seeing them so happy.

Even without a reason, we can find a handful of them to make these pictures, aren't you sorry to not have pictures like these too?

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