One of the most incredible... but also the longest and most tiring days of last year.
To prove that yes, it is possible to play the role of a guest and a godmother and still record every detail with emotive and professional eyes.
As long as there are energy and goodwill, as long as it is done with love ... and that the management between high heels and flats is skilled!

Yes, it's possible!
And if I went back, I would do it the same way.
I wouldn't change a single comma, not even the wind when we left the hotel or the rain that fell during the preparations.
In fact, 2018 is on the way and the chances of repeating the feat are almost certain. The feat of accumulating papers... I hope that the wind and the rain fail completely!

But why?
Why did I propose myself to this challenge?
Why didn't I enjoyed the moment as a guest and, proudly, as a godmother?
For you, the possible answer may not work, but it is the one I have. For me, wasting the opportunity to document this happy moment, being even closer to these friends, would always be far worse than any perspective of dying of exhaustion even before the sun sets.
And see the pictures registered by other eyes than my own eyes? By someone who doesn´t know them from the labels side? It would make me suffer at every page of the album or at every access to the gallery.

Not that I don't believe in the work of the other peers out there! Calm down!
I always recommend them whenever I can. I have my favorites, I am dazzled by other photographer's work, I let myself be inspired by the interpretation of other eyes.
But in this case, more than ever, the opportunity to photograph with the heart spoke louder!

From the preparations, where we had so much fun that we can barely remember how much it rained outside... and we got lost in time! To the ceremony, simple but full of emotions.
Even to the space that receives us always better, to hand us a unique view and an exemplary care and dedication.
Always surrounded by the best, everyone who has been invited to share this moment, but also all the tireless suppliers to whom we can't thank enough.

A day among family and friends. Theirs and ours.
Now imagine not having these pictures... hell no!

Everything is possible when we make it possible.
And this day was possible, like this:

Preparations: Areias do Seixo
Venue: Adega Mãe
Wedding dress: Joana Montez
Shoes: And I wonder
Bouquet: Flow - Marta Ivens