We start the week and this publication in a thank you mode.
Thank you for the support, the sharing, the many messages and comments to the last post. The great majority of encouragement, kindness... but not all in this mood, as expected.

Nothing was written lightly, in fact, it was waiting to be posted for a while.
The moment I published it I think that for a few moments I thought I should turn it off.
But then there it was. Thrown arrow that doesn't come back.

Whether it serves much or very little, at least we have the certainty that we are not alone. The guarantee that nobody is an island and that whatever the option or the path we may pick, there will always be someone in the same boat and, I am convinced, even more skilled with the paddle.
Thank you!

But we don't only add up obstacles and less good days here.
There are many that turn into incredible opportunities and stories to tell.
With Ana and João it was like this. A greater obstacle and a set of luck and chance (of the good ones!) culminated in this day and another and another... a kind of unfinished book in which we are forever hoping to proof the happy ending.

And the first pages were leafed in such a sweet place, a few miles from where the wedding would take place and a few miles from home.
That's how we felt, at home. Even more so when the stories are so incredibly good that you feel like choosing the best place to get lost in time and "read them"!

With people like these it's easier but not easy.
Increasingly committed, increasingly passionate, but always willing to do better. Even more willing to change the luck and snatch all these so but so good stories and stick with all just for me!

Places like this? Yes, please!
Stories like this? Bring them on!

To "read", at length, here: