The first days of life of a baby are a stage of charm and tenderness, but also of recognition and adaptation.
It always passes quickly, too quickly and, often, when, a few weeks after the first shoot, we deliver the photos, we listen to exclaimed reactions about how grown, how changed, how different he/she was.
How many times have we heard"I don't even remember her so little"?

Those are the best memories we can deliver. Memories that are now part of the parents but, with all the probability, will also be part of these tiny lives we photographed.

It's not always easy to explain why we do these sessions in the early days, but the result often speaks for itself, because it is always easier to let the picture do its job and take away from us the possibility of writing a many thousand words in its place.

This is how we met Beatriz.
Tiny and helpless, with an already very curious eyes, intrigued by everything that was going around.
And that's how we remember her today, more tiny and delicate that any lap can remember.
And she is missed like so, isn't she?
Unrepeatable, unique and magical moments that brought us a doting parents and a four-legged full protective of the youngest member and newcomer of the family.
And it's indescribable to photograph these moments and remember them like so.

Remember with us:

27th June of 2016