Always the time.

The one that passes by too quickly or the one that takes too long. Every day creating gale and bustle where we want the calm of those who savor the best of all times: now!
Every day, every minute, every second that went away and always leave to yesterday what was today.

We don't know exactly how, in a fraction of time that seemed us too short, a glance, a breeze that drags on the skin and suddenly leaves, we went from this:

… to this:

Many hours, a few days, a couple of months separate these two moments.
From the first we still feel the shiver down the spine of a winter day. The wind disorganizing the hair and the courage to risk shooting when the rain could ring the bell at any time.
It worth it! It always worth it, so much!
A few days later we were the ones ringing the bell of a house overflowing tenderness, we let ourselves be embraced by these already friendly arms and by the warmth of the house and of this family, and we lose ourselves in love with this little piece of a girl.

Then this saturday full of sunshine!
A summer day, the smell of pine trees and picnic and the most plump cheeks that we might wanted to tight. The tiny feet, the eyelashes, the curious eyes that don't lessen by the strength of fatigue or when sleep comes. This is Mariana.

How to sum it up all in a word? Family!

5th July of 2016