You're only pregnant for 9 months!
Although it seems an eternity, it is said by who knows, that it happens too quickly for how much you want to enjoy it, for all the things there was to do, for so many ideas and plans ...
While some bellies become comfortable, easy-to-use props that seem to match with everything else, so many other become too big, carrying restless babies looking forward to live and that, sometimes, shorten the already too short 9 months!

The truth is that pregnant women carry such a beauty, radiate such a light, have such an incredible energy. And perhaps all this is a reflection of what they put into the greatest of all their superpowers: to conceive and give life! But all this seems too great and special and a waste when it can not be remembered with clear and vivid memories and even, so often, with a tear that exclaims longing!

There isn't a button to pause the time! Much less to go back in time!
The only way is to keep, as best as we can, the special happy moments that become the greatest legacy you can give yourselves and to your children, grandchildren, to the children of your grandchildren.

At every house there is a family album and, although the photos may have a desirable quality to the advanced technology that was inexistent at 1910, it is always with some emotion that we see mothers, fathers or grandparents leafing through memories. Remembering the friend with whom they have not speak for a long time. Commenting on how poorly dressed was I-don't-know-who at their wedding. There are christenings, communions, birthday parties... memories of so many and such good moments that, if it weren't the photographs, I could never have a clear picture of how it was because I was too tiny or not even yet born.

So even when the sky is painted in dark grey, when the wind misaligns the hair and makes us almost cancel the shoot, it is worth wearing warmer clothes and risk everything because a few days later it may be too late! I repeat it may be too late!
We already met the cheeks that can not fit in the face when a smile is open in the mouth and the eyes with the biggest eyelashes ever that lived in this belly.
Born shortly after our session!
But although it is incredible to meet Mariana, to see how she grew, to give her lap and cuddle her... it would be unforgivable if we didn't have these moments to add to our/your story!

It passes by too fast and doesn't go back!
Bring us your beautiful belly cause we can't wait to meet it!

This one below is already missed:

28th March of 2017