Months and months and days, many days of preparation, planning and even some chaos, culminate in one day!
In just one day.
The last of so many stories and adventures to tell. The first of a new, better, happier and most amazing chapter!

We always wake up before time, awakened by the responsibility that is to live and document such an important moment.
We go to the window and we guarantee that Saint Peter was generous and brought us sun and heat in full August.
We also assume a kind of commitment, a second marriage, with you!
We want everything to be perfect, special, unique! We want to be better at every shot!
The faithful keepers of the one thing that remains clear, when everything else fades into memory: your story in pictures, your photographs!

Since the shoot we did before the wedding, we knew that this day would make us exhausted, but complete.
We knew it would be different because, for more ideas that you take for granted, or images that are kept in Pinterest boards, each marriage is unique, because each one of you is unique, you live and feel the emotions in your own way and shiver or inspire us in a very particular way.
There aren't two weddings alike, at all!

And this day was different from the first minute!
It was a day designed for this story! A day full of small details and many emotions that force a long post and loads of images, always with the feeling that much more remained to be shown.
It always remains so much to show in this condensed summary that fits in a post, because this virtual space will always be small and unable to transmit smells, flavors... the shiver down the spine, the butterflies in the belly.

For us it will be forever kept like this!
We know exactly what we did on this day and at what time and we would not exchange it for anything in the world.

Get ready for a spiral of emotions as we remember such a memorable day.
The day Carla and Ricardo decided it was time to turn the page and start a new chapter!

This day:

23rd of March of 2017