When Portugal plays the whole country stops.
It's like if a giant red sign was lit and everything would be there in suspense, waiting for a verdict that would lead us to the streets or confine us to an infinite sadness.
If the whole Portugal stops, we don't!
And how good it was to find Lisbon practically empty, to serve, quietly, as a stage and backdrop to this story of two that in no time will be lived by three.

Whenever we photograph in Lisbon it amazes us the places yet to be discovered, the view that is lost in the reaching of the sea and the will to shoot here is more than a lot. Increasingly we want to explore every corner, every street, every cobble stone until we can't handle our feet and get no more shots on the machines.
Portugal could play every day so that we can find the city like so, with no one elbowing each other trying to get the best shot.

A session full of good chat, where the at ease in front of the camera was forgotten by the jokes and good mood.
Portugal won after a suffered extra time and penalties, but the real winners were we that went out to meet people like this, to share stories and experiences and have so much fun doing what we are privileged to call work!

We hope that the little Laura come so, serene as the city on the day that we met her in a belly format!
Win who wins whatever game it may be, here always wins the love!
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11th July of 2016