We often exclaim the places, the breathtaking view, the light ... but are not always the places, the view or the light that tear us sighs, are the people.
It's the people who make the places. Are the stories that give them life, color and salt.

Peninha is an amazing site asking for a story to match.
Neither more nor less!
And Sintra is in their blood, in the place they chose to enhance an happy ending in this story that has barely begun.
We sigh just thinking about the day ahead, such an amazing place, a story that remains even if the wind take away a few words and the conversations flew off to other places.

Ana Luísa and João are so, no matter the place. And no matter how many different directions are, the wind or the difficulty of the road, there will always be a pair of clasped hands giving comfort and earth beneath every step on this road together.

This is the story we want to start telling today, but that we never want to finish reading.
We anticipate it an happy ending, but we yearn much more for all the way of written and rewritten pages to get there.
Passionately in love with this story, by this location, by the view, by the light ... but much more addicted to this life of creating new ties, meet new stories and smile at every click.

At Peninha, with such an incredibly small wind in front of the story we told. This one:

13th July of 2016