Weekends have, around here, a different flavor.
There is in the air a mixed feeling of weekend, walks on the beach, blanket on the couch, movie and books afternoons that fades out for being clearly known that is on the weekends that we have a largest number of photoshoots.

Come hell or high water (St. Peter if you can hear us, please give us a little bit of sun!) we spend most of our weekends telling stories, filling our eyes and soul with wonderful families, children who we want to bring home at the end of the photoshoot and lots of love, in all and in its many forms.

But the weekends also have another taste, a flavor of a strengthened breakfast, taken with the calm that avenges the rush of the weekdays. And if there are photoshoots that start early (tomorrow the first of the day has a running order at 7:00 am) and leave us in the stomach the emptiness of a breakfast taken in a rush, there are days that promise a breakfast in all its plenitude and perhaps a slow brunch with old friends.

And if it was possible that the brunch stopped being a late thing, for the sleepers, and become a dedication of love in food format for those early birds who have, thus, guaranteed a bigger weekend, there would be here an assumed fan to occupy the first place in line.

Today, with the cold weather outside, the patio covered with ice and the stomach asking for warmth... today there are strawberries!

27th February of 2016