For many forms of love that there may be, love will always be love, equal, no color or belief, whole, sweeping. A larger force that moves us by someone or something, that can't be seen, that we cannot shake hands with but that makes a dent in the heart.

And Rome (Roma) is that... amoR (love), read backwards!

A city that we love from the first minute, the colors, the smells, the sun that emerges in the heart of winter, the people, the language that sounds like music... and how easy it is to fall in love with Rome. Every street, every corner, the cafés, the people... and how empty it feels for the impossibility of, in any way, bring with us a bit of everything, sure however, that a part of us was left there.
A city so different from ours Lisbon, and yet so similar in the ways of love.

This is the story: love, holding hands at Villa Borghese, a deeply breathtaking view, a lost look wanting to keep forever every detail, and these two. Is there any other way to tell the love?

We came back richer and more complete from this new travel-adventure, but, even if we are more entire in each line we write, in each shot, in every conversation, meeting, phone call, we know that the little piece of us that we left in Rome doesn't return . It will be forever there, stuck in this moment, in this view to losing sight... surrendered to any form of love.

We promise to recover from the enchantment and to delight you with a hint of how was Rome and also how was Berlin... for now, we are so, in Roma(Rome)-read-backwards mode! In amoR (love) mode!

25th February of 2016