We are always going from north to south, perhaps a little more to south.
We spent hours locked in the car with our eyes lost in the anticipation of the landscape and the head lost wandering from one idea to another, a thousand things to do and new projects that are taking shape.

Some people say that the journey matters more than the destination, but not everything that is said is exactly true.
This trip took us to the south, further south, and the destination was infinitely more exciting than each meter of the road, made with the nerves on the edge, antecipating one more wedding proposal happening before our eyes.

Justin flew from Ireland, Jessica from New York, dreaming of a hot destination of sun and beaches, but never with the possibility of returning home with a ring on the finger and a promise made and kept forever.
A moment that took us a sigh and left us in the edge of a dream where we no longer find the right words to describe it.

We came back with the sweet taste of an accomplished duty and rocked by the sweet voice of Jessica, who in addition to the voice gives body and soul to the Velvet Heat. And what a voice!

Another won-der-ful shoot with the quality stamp of Flytographer and with full commitment, care and dedication from us.
We were surrendered by this story, this incredible voice, this landscape that dazzled and these moments we remember like this:

24th May of 2016