In Norway there are dazzling landscapes, mists that linger in a blue light that envisions the cold weather outside.
There are fjords out of sight, wooden houses which colors don't appear on a palette, but there are also stories from other landscapes.

There are pieces of Portugal around the world in every nook in many corners, that come and go and that, although it is much more an outward trip, there are times when the journey is only and at all a return.

The story that we tell today is walking around the world, hand in hand through the cities, lost in unique landscapes, looking for never discovered paths but it was here that it started one of its most spectacular chapters. We have come to the pages in which it is impossible to stop reading, the chapter where this book has, certainly, the best and happiest of all ends, or of the beginnings.
Because nothing ends here, here begins the "they lived happily ever after."

Although the rain has been present as guest of honor and the clouds in the sky decorated the blue, the sun didn't disappointed us and appeared when we more expected it.
We were all there, at the right place, at the right time... at one of the best stories.

With a smile on the lips, one or another tear of emotion and already with some nostalgia, we remember the day when the "yes, I do" made even more sense.
It was magical, it was special, it was like this:

18th April of 2016