Your wedding day is a day full of emotions, nerves on the edge, shivers down the spine ...
Like you, we too feel and experience different emotions and we, with all our strength, want it to be one of the most special and exciting days of all time.

But not always everything happens according to plans.
It is important to know that there is, often, a parallel script, the fate's script perhaps, and yet it can still be incredibly perfect.

This wedding was so!
Rain disrupted the plans outlined long ago of having the meal outside in the trees, in communion with the peace of Alentejo. We were confined to the comfort of four walls, far from feeling in the skin the humidity of the night and the breeze from the plains but, still, we enjoyed the outside space on a reinvented form, the nooks and crannies of Imani and the always unbeatable Alentejo.

Marta and Pedro met with their history, a celebration blessed by rain and witnessed by us.
Today, changing places as many times as fate has reserved for them, love that remains. As on this day!
The Alentejo, the rain and an incredibly starry sky, the scene of an unique history, we remember so:

13th April of 2016