A wedding proposal!

How many are left untold, without record, with nothing to transport you in time to that day, the moment when all the nerves culminated in a question and in an answer.
And since then everything has remained equal, but nothing, has never been the same again.

Kishan, with the precious help of Flytographer and with us, decided to surprise Niquita. Although everything seemed super suspicious, she didn't suspect of anything.
Basically, in these moments, we fall back upon all the tricks and lots of star dust so that the moment can be unique and special and that our presence can be an extra that goes completely unnoticed. We really want the moment to be only yours! We really want you to live it as a moment of intimacy and love without anything that interferes and if that means taking some people out of the way, hiding behind bushes or pretending that we are snacking with a group of tourists in Cais das Colunas, so be it!

The place chosen by Kishan has a special meaning for us, almost as if we were photographing in our backyard, so many times that we walk there.
We watched them arrive, disguised our own nervousness behind the camera, we entered the agreed scheme without denouncing ourselves, in an acting that could win us an oscar and then, then the proposal! The yes. The tears of happiness. And an hour spent exploring such a magical place, intoxicated by the moment they were both living.

Today we came back to this scenario for another incredible wedding proposal... it's over already, but the butterflies still bring our tummy in an uproar! How can we be indifferent to these moments?

We hope this has been the beginning of a new chapter in a story that is expected to have the happiest of all ends.
And we wish you all the best for the big day ahead!

A wedding proposal that we remember like this:

A breathtaking wedding proposal for Flytographer!

22nd December of 2016