For so long we wanted to show this images of such a special day that, even today, each memory brings to the skin the shiver of every experienced emotion.

We don't know exactly when it all began, but we know it made even more sense when we were all together, gathered to celebrate this story: Filipa and Jorge, and an unique marriage.
We know that the way to this day wasn't a straight forward path with an anticipated end, life and its endless and incomprehensible twists often surprising us in the worst possible way.
But at a difficult stage and with a loss that was not part of the story that we dreamed to tell with an happy beginning, middle and end, Filipa and Jorge responded in the most courageous way we could expect: with love!
Yes, life, make your accounts, go your way and paint everything in the blackest of the colors that you have available in the palette of your misfortunes, there will always be someone of those who mold themselves of an unimaginably strong and courageous mass and that will teach us one of the more valuable lessons: love will always be the solution.

Many times, in the less good moments, are the images of happy moments that we lived that redouble our hope and faith that if this is not the path there will always be a street we have not passed that will take us closer or far from our goal, but always forward.
These images are a balm at a time when the world has turned into such a contrary direction that it is difficult to believe that there will be a clash that will put it in the right place. Then, on a second thought, perhaps the lesson learned is a subject in need of revision.
Love can, it can a lot, it can everything, and so, world be prepared.

We were not prepared for such a day and not for a lack of professionalism or many other stories told, but the stories we tell are not the "others" stories. It is our story, our emotions, our friendly and attentive eye observing and registering, sometimes so cloudy that only appease us to know in the hands a machine without heart. Your story are our history... and since we wrapped ourselves in this one, it was impossible not to suffer with the departures, with the dreams clouded by the doubt to move forward or not and in what direction.

Today is all about you, your day... and the whole of us, with the heart in our hands until the soul hurts.
Because there are incredibly happy days that are from another world, from a distant place where we know that someone has blessed us and protected us every minute of the way so that today we could travel back in time to a day where we were so happy.

Because we always go back to the places where we were happy, today we go back here:

The places, stage of this story:
Groom's preparations - parents' house
Bride's preparations - Areias do Seixo
Ceremony and celebration - Adega Mãe

29th December of 2016