My month. My day.

A day to pause. To enjoy. To inspire so that I can be back on track with new eyes.
I doubt that I can go to sleep without seeing and answering all the emails, it's stronger than me. Good stories can't wait. Although mine is so often suspended in the written pages of yours.

But today is the day to celebrate life! In this turn that for me is the true beginning of a new year and of the 365 promises that erroneously the 1st of January imposes me.
Now it is!

The years add up. I will always be the oldest I've ever been, and the youngest I'll ever be.
It's already a few years of a lot of life, so many that my niece Inês insists on counting through the small fingers of her small hands, that are never enough.
Why can she say, with just one hand, how old she is and I can't?
So many and yet so few! Days. Hours. Stories. Adventures. And the permanent longing for those who celebrate on the other side but always within me. After all, only die those who we let die inside of us!

Overcoming the lived years only the sum of all the people I was so lucky for this project to bring me. People who jumped to the other side of a line that separated us and that today only brings us closer together. Much of what I am are a bit of all of you. All the stories I told. All the moments that I have eternalized and that are mine too!
Thank you all for making me believe that it will always be more and better, even if the wrinkles will win, they will always be the testimony of all the smiles that you never let me disarm.

Happy birthday to me!

And the best of all? Is that there is more tomorrow!

(Today I'm pausing. To those who wait for their pictures, the promise that I will return better and more inspired to take care of them even with more care and affection. I will not let you down!)

* Aniversário poem, from Álvaro de Campos