It's been over a year since this session. Days, hours, new chapters added up.

The place remains the same with the normal changes by the passage of time, of the high and low tides and of the elements. The story is still being written today, with the necessary delay of all the good things in life.

This is one of our favorite places. And maybe it would make sense to take some of our favorite people here. Them.

It's not always easy to find the right place for a session. There are so many possibilities we find at every step in the world that it is difficult to ensure that one place will be the right place in detriment of another equally good.
So, trying to help all the stories that we still have to tell, I leave you some tips on how to find the perfect place for your session!

You already know that, for us, the more unique, out of the box, dangerous or forbidden, the better. It is always worth risking a little more, within the limits of our human responsibility, to create beautiful images that remain with us and with you forever!

So what about the tips? Let's do it!

1. Is there a place that is special to you two? Where do you often go, that you both adore, where you met, where you proposed?
This may be the best of the tips because, although you often find that one place or another is nothing special, we can see a lot of potential beyond a wasteland or a rocky scarp!

2. Are you a super extrovert or a bit shy with some restrictions about being photographed before curious eyes?
The place you choose can determine whether we will have more or less people in the "scene." The place of this session is a good example of this. There are always people passing by but we never waited to be able to occupy an area of our own and explore it with our couples without anyone else in the pictures.

3. Go outside!
This is the most important tip... for you and for us too! It's amazing how many times we've stumbled on amazing places to do a session. Anyone who knows me closely has already heard the expression, "This place would give whole a session!" (pairing with the expression "This child would give a whole lookbook!").
So in case of doubt, go out without going looking for something and let yourself be surprised by this incredible place where we live!

We can't wait for all the stories we have to tell and for all the incredible places where your stories promise to take us!
Say where!

For now, we remember this incredible place, this unique light... and the best friends in which we were so lucky to stumble on, almost with the same causality of those looking for a place!
Because life is so this. Places. Moments. People. Stories!