It's that time of year apparently calmer in this social bustle, but that is one of the busiest and decisive ones at the backstage.

We conclude we photographed much, too much, and now we must catch up on the stories, the smiles.

It is an additional effort wanting to do everything well, not resting in the shade of a better job and always wanting more and more.
What remains is very little time for life, but this is the way we feel alive.

From the shoots we bring not only beautiful pictures but also a lot of sharing, a lot of talk, a lot of other stories that intersect and that, in the end, are all our own story.
Rachael was one month traveling around Europe. A month alone, meeting hidden places, exploring new places and landscapes, drinking the wisdom in the best of all places: the world.
With her she brought the dazzle of other countries, so many landscapes, but left herself be enchanted by our city, our light, this piece of land so well planted by the sea. Can you imagine all the stories and adventures that she has to tell from this great journey? And the extra luggage well beyond the luggage of clothes and socks that we carry in weight, the other baggage, the luggage of the landscapes that we recall, that trendy cafe where we went more often?

It's not easy to be alone on the other side of the lens, it takes courage and the wisdom to know that it is much more than a photographer-photographed situation, it's a gathering of friends who discover Lisbon together. They wander in the streets, fail in some alleys, enjoy the company of each others and let themselves walk around and get lost.

We would also like to have a whole month to wander through Europe or the world... or just within ourselves.
A month without computers and mobile phones, without meetings and urgent emails, without agencies with requests for yesterday.
We can only sigh with stories of faraway places recorded in the eyes of those we photographed and believe that our vacation will arrive in the blink of an eye!

Today we remember the holidays, not ours, and the pleasure that was to meet and photograph Rachael, that closed with a golden key the tour by so many countries and so many places.
See you soon!

Another Flytographer shoot!

14th October of 2016