It was June and although the hot days were around here, we headed up to Paris.
We needed to rest, to disperse our eyes for different places and unfamiliar faces. Walking aimlessly, without map or objectives only to inspire, breathe and absorb.
But life had other plans for us and, between one work and another, we had just over 24 hours to know the city.

Thus was how it happened to photograph this family and met a place that is not listed in tourist guides and where, most likely, we would not go.
After all, this is just not about the photographies in themselves, it's all that grows and comes to life around a photo shoot. Such a special family, a girl who melted our hearts with her grown-up manners, mixing Lisbon and Paris in a dialect of her own.

After this session we would be going back to Paris, coincidentally when a new baby came to this family.
Some call it aiming, coincidences... to me are those little signs that life gives and make us believe that there is something else beyond a world rolling, the sun and the blue sky.

We loved to photograph them like so, in a city that is already theirs, with an amazing light ... what can we say about the light of Paris?
This evening which starts at 18h and that leaves us in a water bath of light up to 22h?
Since Paris I sigh for this sunset that never ends, for the light... the light, the dinners out-of-hours on the banks of the Seine river and that lost time on the steps of Sacre Coeur sighing for more days like this, with the eyes looking for nothing in the city skyline.

We loved Paris, although the rest had stayed for another chance and we love to return again and again, although in work, but always with some room to let the feet walk free through the city.

And if it always happens families like this one, perfect!
Maybe life also save us time for some of our favorite places in Paris, just in case life gives you a chance of a stop there!
Remember with us this incredible afternoon in Paris:

24th October of 2016