The places we don't know are added up in the faces we photographed.
There is always a pair of open arms here, waiting to welcome each and every one of the stories. No matter the place from where they come from or the landscapes in which they have lost their eyes. Whether the trip was long or the return doesn't take too long. It matters these moments, today only a handful of images, tomorrow the best of all the best memories.

This family is just a page of the story. A shoot booked to document the meeting in one only place of a family that made home all over the world... Dubai, Lebanon, Mexico... all together in Lisbon. Coming from places where we have not yet delighted ourselves! So many places.

Will there be in Beirut colorful houses, doors in a thousand different sizes, fancy places to stay, get lost in time and forget the world? We don't know! We do know, for sure, that Beirut has families that reciprocate the wide open arms, who are lost in love for their younger ones and who break, at each shot, the thousand kilometers that separate us from the place from where they belong.

This is one of the phrases that feels good to say, repeated in the exhaustion of translating how far go the images that convey the way we like to see and interpret the world:
From Beirut to Lisbon, from Lisbon to the world!

A moment that is kept forever, at the precise moment it happened but also here, now and forever!

Another photoshoot with the enthusiasm of an incredible team that leaves no credit in other people's hands, another Flytographer shoot!

22nd September of 2016